Arts & Lit
 Alibi V.28 No.42 • Oct 17-23, 2019 

Art Preview

Photography in Interesting Times

Center’s Review Santa Fe Photo Festival

When everyone has a camera in their pocket why would you need a professional photographer? For 25 years, Center has kept photographers one step ahead of the turbulent and often overwhelming curse and blessing of living in these modern, interesting times.
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Art Magnified

The Crane in Abstract

“Hidden Duo” by P. K. Williams

To the crane, New Mexico may feel like an oasis. To P.K. Williams, the crane’s appearance may be an oasis in her work, as autumn turns colder and the vibrance of plant life no longer makes for a viable subject.
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The Music of Her Rivers
courtesy of the artist

Book Review

A Tale of Two Rivers

Renny Golden’s The Music of Her Rivers

The Music of Her Rivers is a two-part book of poetry about the history of two rivers: the Rio Grande and the Chicago River.
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Ghost, Ghost, Come Out Tonight
Photo by Amelia Ampuero

Found Objects

Come to the Unconference Kickoff Party, Spooky Slam, Through the Lives and Ghost, Ghost, Come Out Tonight.