Alibi V.29 No.3 • Jan 16-22, 2020 
Sayaka Ganz with Nova

Arts Interview

Reclaiming Disposable Beauty

Sayaka Ganz’s Reclaimed Creations

Sayaka Ganz takes old spatulas, spoons, clothes hangers and other such ubiquitous household plastics and finesses them into graceful sculptures of animals in motion. Weekly Alibi sat down with Ganz at the museum to talk about plastic, process and the tyrannosaurus in the lobby.
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Happy Birthday
Jana Opincariu

Art Magnified

Gilded Aging

Happy Birthday by Jana Opincariu

In Jana Opincariu’s Happy Birthday, we find our view smack-dab in the middle of an emergence scene of the invertebrate kind.
sea turtle
Drawing by John White

Found Objects

This is the week for Bad Dates, Punch Out the Casket, Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México de Silvia Lozano and Sea Turtle Awareness Day.