Alibi V.29 No.8 • Feb 20-26, 2020 
Tania Candiani

Arts Interview

The Sweet Sound of Color

Tania Candiani’s Cromática

Cromática started with artist Tania Candiani’s investigations into traditional Mexican modes of textile and ceramic production. As she began working with traditional weavers to create the textiles for the exhibit, the sounds of their work became part of the exhibit itself: synesthesia.
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people near Sierra San Luis mountain range
Michael P. Berman

Art Magnified

Lost and Found

Michael P. Berman’s Perdido Sierra San Luis

Since entering the Anthropocene, the art world has produced untold volumes considering the imprint of humanity on nature. Perdido Sierra San Luis deviates from the common approach in a rare, marked and existentially unsettling way.
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Carolyn Meyer
courtesy of the artist

Found Objects

This is the week to see Puppeteers of New Mexico, ABQ Unidos Poetry Slam, Keshet's 2020 Choreographers' Showcase and The Old White Lady Tells It.