Arts & Lit
 Alibi V.29 No.29 • July 16-22, 2020 
Carolyn Meyer

Arts Interview

Unmaking a Racist

Carolyn Meyer one-woman show

Carolyn Meyer is an 85-year-old white woman that has grappled with racism herself; her own. Her one-woman show is about growing up in small-town America, how racism permeated everything and how she changed her own mind. Weekly Alibi sat down with Meyer to talk about her own evolution in thinking about race, her show and what’s next.

Art Magnified

Paint for Peace 505

The only downtown in America that looks like this

Downtown Albuquerque hadn’t been looking all that great and then came the pandemic that shuttered much of the businesses, followed by protests that were followed by window smashers. The next morning more particle boards went up over windows and doors. Victoria Van Dame and Jessica Anderson from OT Circus connected artists with business to create “a community project to revitalize Downtown while promoting peace.” The result has been the transformation of Downtown into a public gallery of fresh, local work, rendering Albuquerque into a city unlike any other in America.