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 Alibi V.29 No.33 • Aug 13-19, 2020 
Secret Albuquerque: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure


Field Trip Through Albuquerque

Be a tourist in your hometown

This fall, students and chaperones alike are going to have to seek out their own off-campus enrichment experiences to augment their education. Fortunately, Weekly Alibi has found 10 Albuquerque locations to get students young and old started with the help of local author Ashley Biggers.
Lea Anderson’s yucca sculptures on display 24/7 on Broadway
Clarke Condé

Art Magnified

Windows on the Future

Lea Anderson’s upcycled yucca

This is clearly a transitional time, but to what remains elusive. Drawing strength and inspiration from the natural world provides some solace, and we see in Lea Anderson’s new work she has done just that.