Richard Clarke's Memo Says it All

This just posted at the Global Beat Syndicate [link]: "The National Security Archives has published the full text of the memo from Richard Clarke to Condoleeza Rice in January 25, 2001, warning of the growing Al Qaeda threat and requesting an urgent meeting. It took Rice until a week before the attacks on 9/11 to get the meeting together. During that time, the President had spent roughly 40% of his time in office on vacation. Although the memo was discussed in Congressional hearings, the full text was only released to the public after Rice's confirmation as U.S. Secretary of State."

That's right, the memo—a disaster for the White House if anyone in Washington cared to hold the administration to account for failing to acknowledge real terrorist threats—was released not only after Rice was confirmed, but after she left the country to go on her European tour several weeks ago. Rice's appearance in Europe dominated the news while this memo, again, gets tossed into the mainstream media's editorial dung heap. Let's also not forget that Rice, as National Security Advisor, was scheduled to give a speech outlining U.S. security and global threats on the very same day the World Trade Center collapsed. Her speech of course was canceled, however, a copy of it revealed that Al Qaeda wasn't even mentioned! She was going to blather on about Iraq and the need for a missile defense system. And now this buffoon is our Secretary of State.

Here's Richard Clarke's memo warning of al Qaeda: [link]