A Healthier, Happier Teen

Childhood is a glorious time. You act however you want and don't even think twice of people's opinions of you. You can be completely free to be you even if that means throwing a major tantrum at a restaurant or diving into a mud puddle in your lovely Easter dress.

Unfortunately the teenage years aren't as easy. Peer pressure is all around and you are constantly trying to find your place in the world. Suddenly you're not as confident or free, this is especially prevalent among young girls.

On Friday, April 8 and 9, the New Mexico Commission on Status of Women will host Year of the New Mexico Girl: Believe in Me Conference. The event is free to young women between the ages of 13 and 18. The event is designed to help girls build self-esteem and sets goals for themselves.

Topics of the conference include: 1) Suicide prevention, media literacy, Internet safety and relationship violence prevention; 2) self-esteem, journaling, anger management and bullying; 3) healthy body image, self-defense, physical fitness and growing up female; and 4) goal setting, successful homework habits, getting to college and leadership skills.

Some other organizations involved in this event include the Girl Scouts of Chaparral Council, Girls Inc. of Santa Fe, the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence, New Mexico Teen Pregnancy Coalition and the Office of African American Affairs.

The registration deadline is April 1. For more information, visit [link] or call 1-800-432-9168.