Jim and Greg in a Loving Embrace

As the person responsible for editing their columns, I'm a bit reluctant to engage in this imbroglio, but what the hell. ... What in tarnation is going on in the local blogosphere that has Greg Payne and Jim Scarantino in a smackdown that's about as entertaining as the backstage bitch-slap fest between Vince Neill and Axl Rose at the 1992 Grammys? I'm not even going to try and sort this thing out, but if you would like to see what life is like for one of our most gifted local bloggers, basted in her own wit with what appears to be too much time on her hands, check out this highly stylized blogfest dedicated to Alibi commentators, Jim and Greg. [link]

Please (you know who you are) do not send me any more tips pertaining to the affair. That is some seriously lurid and childish behavior, (rogaine accusations aside)—and that's coming from an Alibi editor well-practiced in the art of vulgarity. Besides, I'm betting Jim and Greg are best friends come fall, piling on (editorially speaking) the mayor and his favorite councilor, Sally Mayer, for all their presumed shortcomings as elected public servants. That would be, in my humble opinion, time better spent. By the way, Sally says she is no longer talking to the Alibi because of Scarantino's columns, which hint at the prospect that her district his dissatisfied with her performance on the Council. Seems like Jim S. has a way of getting under people's skin, but to all concerned, we do try, trite as it might sound, to be fair when it comes to the facts. At this rate anyway, Jim seems destined to be as famous as, say, Don Schrader. And Payne, I have one thing to say to you: when the hell are you going to hit your deadline? Stop blogging and get me a column on your honest, heartfelt feelings about impact fees. Then you'll both be doing the community a fine service by fostering dialogue on a subject that folks need to be informed about.