Dyuh ... wha ... what?!

The Tribune, our liberal, under-read afternoon daily, endorsed incumbent Marty Chavez for mayor yesterday. Shocking! The endorsement suggested that the paper's staff had to hold their noses to do it, and they buried it on the second page of section C, but they did it anyway. Wow, I didn't see that coming. What were they thinking? The limp, half-hearted endorsement makes me wonder if maybe they gave Chavez their vote because they're fairly certain he's going to win, and they'd like his office to return their calls during his next term. (Due to the critical press we give the mayor, his office rarely returns the Alibi's calls.) Interesting, very interesting. Anyway, the endorsement is reprinted online here: abqtrib.com/albq/op_editorials/article/0,2565,ALBQ_19867_4119085,00.html.