Holy Childhood Fantasy, Batman!

As a child, I was determined to become a super-hero. I thought up ways to hide my identity, how to make a bulletproof suit and just what super-hero powers I could wield. It always amounted to me being something resembling Batgirl—not the slightly annoying daddy's girl from the '60s POW-tasic Batman series, but a sleek, stylish and totally kick-ass super-hero (sans heels).

OK, I didn't grow up to be a super-hero, but I found there is still a little of the Caped Crusader in me after all. This fun little quiz [link] will tell you which super-hero you are most like. Then, once you have discovered your alter-ego, what's keeping you from strapping on a cape and stopping some dastardly evil-doers from doing evil. You know, besides the fear of being locked up in a padded room.

I'm 70 percent Robin ... which is strange since he was always the love interest in my dreams.