Champagne is Not for Sissies

The best offense is a good defense

This is how cyborgs drink theirs
This is how cyborgs drink theirs

At its worst, shopping for champagne is confusing and intimidating. But with the right people at your side, selecting a bottle can actually be as pleasurable as drinking the bubbly stuff. (I would link to an article Gwyn and I put together in 2003 on a champagne tasting we did at Ambrozia, but our online archive won't display it. Bah humbug. But rest assured, it was fun! ) At tonight's "last" (of 2006) Last Thursday wine night up in the Loft, Slate Street Café owner and certified sommelier Myra Ghattas will guide you through three lovely little champagnes and sparkling wines. Of course, there'll be thoughtfully executed appetizers by Chef Al Bilotti and the cost is still only $15 per person. Should help take the headache out of your New Year's Eve. (As for the next morning, you're on your own.)

Last Thursday Champagne Tasting, 5-7 p.m. tonight

Slate Street Café is located at 515 Slate NW (one block north of Lomas, between Fifth and Sixth Streets). Reservations are not accepted for the wine tastings, but you may call 243-2210 to reserve a table downstairs for dinner following the tasting.