The Invisible Election

You probably haven’t heard much talk about it, but the election for the Albuquerque Public School board is tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 6. Voters will also have a chance to approve an APS property tax that would channel $167 million to school renovations and repairs. (If you vote for the tax, your property taxes won’t go up, but if you vote against it they’ll go down slightly.)

Given the enormous power wielded by the school board, along with its long, colorful history of epic screw-ups, it would behoove you to be one of the handful of Albuquerque voters to participate.

You can find out which district you’ll be voting in by calling the County Clerk at 468-1290.

The Journal’s coverage is right here.

The Trib has put together some decent coverage too, but it isn’t centralized on their website so if you’re interested you’ll have to go to and search for individual candidate profiles.

Inform yourself. Then vote. You’ll feel better about yourself.