Are You Kidding Me?

Paster Ted, getting all spiritual and stuff ...
Paster Ted, getting all spiritual and stuff ...

I finally saw the documentary Jesus Camp a couple weeks ago, which tells the story of a rightwing Christian camp for kids in North Dakota. The DVD includes some fascinating extra footage of Ted Haggard harassing the documentary makers in the middle of a sermon in front of a giant auditorium filled with his supporters.

You remember, Haggard, right? He’s the former head of the 30-million member National Association of Evangelicals. In that role, he was also a regular advisor to President Bush.

Late last year, a male prostitute came forward and said Haggard was a regular customer. Haggard eventually admitted this was true, mainly because the prostitute made clear that he’d kept voice mails and correspondence to prove his case. Haggard also admitted to buying methamphetamine, but claimed he never actually used it.

In sum, Haggard is one of the posterchildren for the Hypocritical Right. He regularly denounced homosexuality and other forms of “immorality”. The news today is that after three weeks of counseling, Haggard now realizes that he’s purely heterosexual. Isn’t that a relief? I guess he’s not going to Hell after all.