What the ...

Mmmm. Cheeseburger.
Mmmm. Cheeseburger.

So I’m perusing the state Legislature’s site, looking for some background info on a story I’m working on, and I can’t but help click on these crazy-looking measures.

For instance, Rep. Ben Lujan has gone through the trouble of crafting a bill that would make the Official State Answer of New Mexico be (wait for it): Christmas.

The question, of course, already is: Red or green?

I don’t know Lujan. Is he a cheezy guy? Was he out of fresh ideas for potential laws?

Perhaps this will actually end a long-standing feud between chile farmers, which would have a huge economic impact on our agricultural community. Maybe this is actually the Official State Ender of Stupid Arguments and I don’t have wherewithal to realize it.

Or Lujan is a cheezy guy.