If You Don’t Know About Ze Frank

There Is a Hole in Your Life

Ze Frank is a Genius of Our Times. Serious.

He posts a vlog (that’s a video blog or podcast (do we have to abbreviate everything?)) every day, Monday through Friday. They’re crazy funny, funnier than anything I ever saw on “Saturday Night Live.” Friday is Ride the Fire Eagle Danger Day, when Ze gets all political. And he’s prolific. He also makes little games, like this awesome one about your mom.

Also, I think he’s kinda hot.

From Ze’s stuff to read “Bored #2.”

What to do if you are bored in an office:

In a meeting, see how many times you can say the words: Bingo, Moron, Pork, Manly or Cherish.

Call tech support. Tell them you have to pee.

Repeat the above every five minutes.

Bring a bucket of water into a bathroom stall. Close the door. When someone comes into the bathroom start splashing around in the bucket and giggling.