Women Play Games

A woman who knows boob armor.
A woman who knows boob armor.

This Wikihow article on how to get your girlfriend to play video games caught my eye. It has helpful tips like:

Try to choose a game or game system that isn't too confusing, and doesn't require high reaction time.

Some girls may prefer the brightly colored, all-ages games like Katamari Damacy

Even if she's only playing "easy" games, your girlfriend may get stuck and frustrated

These tips leave one wondering: Dude, is your girlfriend an idiot? That was my first thought. My second was, “How dare they insult Katamari Damacy!?!” Bastards. Here’s an interesting story on rise of female gamers and the questions that come with it. How do you make typically male-dominated genres female friendly? Does boob armor offend? Should companies market games to women?

And finally, for all you chick gamers out there, here’s a site for women gamers. It’s sad that it has to advertise itself as a “No-frills, content-heavy website for women who game,” but it includes advice on breaking into the industry.