Webgame Wednesday


'Webgame Wednesday' deserves a theme song. I'm thinking:

Webgame Wednesday, ooooh yeah

Time to pick up your mouse and give it a click

No need to work cause you boss is a ... shmoe

So turn the florescent lights down and the monitor up

It's Webgame Wednesday—your gaming hookup

Well, it's no Bat-theme, but it's something.

This week, I give you two of my favorite pointless webgames designed for the sole purpose of wasting precious seconds of your life.

Kill Time is aptly named, though it might be just a rough American translation because I certainly can't read the name it's creator gave it. Luckily, the directions are easy enough. Just keep your mouse cursor from being captured. Simple, addictive fun.

12Many makes your brain work a bit more by flashing a scene filled with stars and asking you how many you saw. Sounds easy? Well, it can be, but not all the time.