I Like Courtney Love

Probably not the best mom, either.
Probably not the best mom, either.

I mean, she’s not my hero or anything.

The dude who made that movie Kurt & Courtney implied that she killed him. She’s also clearly burdened with a drug problem.

But I think she’s written some good songs in her day. Or someone in Hole did. The list of former members is loooong. Sounds like somebody’s hard to work with.

My point today is that she’s got a blog on myspace that she actually updates in apparent drug-addled confusion. Even if you don’t like her, you’ve got to admit she’s interesting. Make her your friend for regular entertainment.

Here’s a fun sample from Idolator about the recent gossipy debate over her bony frame:

“however i must point out the hypocrisy of this crazy hysteria about my weight- i saw a photgraoph of Kiera Knightly recently a series, in one she is wearing a white top has about a 5 foot lomng midriff and a pair of size 0 jeans,that are too big, and IM too thin? i know exactly what a certaibn "perfect" movie star has to caloric intake per day-no more than 700 cals- shes far thinner than me- were the sam eheighth as well- wtf? even Oscar Nominees here and there weigh 20 lbs les sthan me,”

Or try:

“iwa snever puttingasses in seats due to my great and epochal beauty”

True enough. I’m sure it’s hard to worry about spelling and all that when you’re just trying to prevent your head from floating right off your shoulders. But there’s still some wisdom in what she’s saying. No one ever said she was a stupid girl.