Nukes? Oh THOSE Nukes. We Knew They Were Around Here Somewhere ...

Someone in the military accidentally armed a B-52 bomber with six nuclear warheads before the plane flew for three hours over several states last week. Oops. The Defense Department flak said, “At no time was the public in danger.” The bomber flew from North Dakota to Louisiana.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but if New Mexico were one of those states, I would feel a little queasy. Shouldn’t someone be checking that sort of stuff, maybe with like a checklist or something?

Is your bomber carrying nukes? (Circle one) Y N

Another good question: Was someone back in North Dakota scratching his/her head, wondering: “Where did those six nukes get off to? They were here just a second ago ... “

I would like to think that someone with better organizational skills than, say, a sloppy teenager (or a scatterbrained writer) was in charge of our potentially world-destroying weaponry.