Cryptid Alert! Is A Stuffed Yeti In A Russian Museum?

Also, the Minnesota Iceman and So On.

One of the fake yeti scalps
One of the fake yeti scalps

A little over a year ago, a caller on the Coast To Coast radio show claimed to have seen a stuffed Bigfoot in a museum in St. Petersburg that was supposedly collected from California in the 1700s. Loren Coleman has more detail about Russian settlements in California on Cryptomundo.

That would be cool.

The Minnesota Iceman, a popular carnival attraction in the late 60s, is out there somewhere, too, possibly in the possession of its (maybe) owner, Frank Hansen. Hansen supposedly had the real iceman, but made a replica to take around to carnivals so he wouldn’t risk wrecking the real one. That sounds perfectly reasonable.

There are also supposed to be some yeti scalps on display in Nepal, but one is missing and another was shown to be constructed from antelope hide. There are also supposedly mummified hands and various hides and bones that have been debunked.

In conclusion, the yeti is awesome.

The End