Fresh Batch of PEZ Theater

with fries

“Insincere Gay Wedding at the White House”

Local folk artist Steve White stopped by the Alibi this morning to show off his latest, exceptionally well-endowed collection of PEZ art (burlesque fetishes of Disney princesses) and to say that he's released four new PEZ Theater minisodes on the web.

“The Price is High”

He's also in the process of lining his backyard miniature golf course (a South Valley collision between Tinkertown and Putt Putt) with all the old signs from Bob's Fish and Chips. The last sign—the iconic Central-facing "Bob's Fish and Chips"—is coming down today. Thank god Steve's managed to keep that piece of Albuquerque out of the dumpster.

“Lucha Patrol”

So back to the Folk Farm. The new PEZ Theaters were filmed by Santa Monica's Bill Barol (author of Mr. Irresponsible's Bad Advice and this kick-ass YouTube moment), who's a longtime pal of Steve. Thanks to the improved sound quality, you can hear Bill chuckling behind the camera. There's even a PEZ Theater first—a steamy PEZ-on-PEZ sex scene! Hope you enjoy.

“The Meaning of Life/Breaking News”