Magical Humanoid Touches Sleeping Man’s Knee With Wand!

This Tiny Man is More Awesome than Bigfoot!

When you think of Poland, you don’t often associate it with weird little gnomes. Well, that’s about to change because there’s a sinister gnome with a wand over there, and the chances are excellent that he possesses magical powers. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

Cabinet of Wonders does a nice job of summing up this report along with’s 2007 Humanoid Reports, but I feel compelled to retell the story as if I somehow were an authority on it.

What you see in the video is a man sleeping on a blanket in a field (at a barbecue). Suddenly, there’s an ocular disturbance next to him... then a tiny man materializes and touches him on his knee with a wand. Apparently, their dog growled and barked in the spot where the little man materialized, and a few days later the man developed three red dots on his knee that hurt “like a snakebite.”

In another somewhat related story, a girl was walking through a field with a group of people when she suddenly noticed a little green man standing beside her. She and the little man stared at each other for several moments until he came closer and touched her hand. His touch burned like fire so she ran away.

If you want to read about more sightings of devils, aliens, shadow people and their friends, check out the Humaniod Reports (link above). There’s even a Batman sighting.