NKOTB is Coming

When I was nine, I actually was a fan of New Kids on the Block. Though my mom was not wont to purchase trendy merchandise, my cool aunt bought me a nightgown with the original lineup of NKOTB (Jordan, Jon, Joey, Donnie and Danny) on the front. If I still had it, I would wear it to their Tingley show in Albuquerque Oct. 14.

Not to out anyone as NKOTB fans, but I’ve heard of at least two people in the office who are planning to attend the show. Don’t lie, now. Are you going?

It’s not totally clear to me from the giant photo on the home page of NKOTB that the marketers are looking only to appeal to the heterosexual female demographic. Also, one of them looks like an accountant. Another looks like a bodyguard. For yet another new “kid,” it’s clearly casual Friday. It’s like the Village People for yuppies. Guess who’s who!

All together now:

“Oh, oh, oh-oh-oh

Oh, oh, oh-oh

The right stuff!”