Local Blogosphere Roundup 02.21.09

Twitter-compatible edition

OK, let’s make like Twitter. 140 characters or less per entry. Ready? Go!

BAT reposts Mayoral candidate Michael Cadigan's "transit vision" and approves. http://alibi.com/link/142

jfleck: "Our mistake was to think we were in the news delivery business, rather than the ad delivery business." http://alibi.com/link/143

UrbanABQ "hopeful" about proposed Green Commons @ Silver and 1st. Nice pix. http://alibi.com/link/144

APS mandates "more math minutes" at Scot Key's middle school. No funding, staff or guidance provided. Go APS! http://alibi.com/link/145

No, George R.R. Martin is not done with A Dance of Dragons. I feel ya. It took me 5 months just to read book 3. http://alibi.com/link/146

What should the age of consent be for tanning salons? State Sen. Mary Jane Garcia thinks she knows. http://alibi.com/link/147

NM Domestic Partnership bill could pop as early as Monday. http://alibi.com/link/148

Dede Feldman blogs support for her ditch trails bill. Gee, If this passes, where will bums drink malt liquor? http://alibi.com/link/149

Last but not least, Mayor Marty de-friends nfleck on Facebook. Don't cry, Nora. Marty can be like that sometimes. http://alibi.com/link/150