Mr. T

When I was a kid, my pops would wake me up early in the morning, maybe 4 a.m., and much to my mother’s dismay, we would watch reruns of “The A-Team.” (See episodes here.) Then we would go to the truck stop, where I would eat French fries for breakfast.

Mr. T (or B.A. Baracus, as he was known in the show) was my favorite.

So I was thrilled to get a text from a friend the other night telling me that, according to his Wikipedia entry, Mr. T lives on a 20-acre ranch in the Sandia foothills—in Albuquerque!

Our city just gained serious awesome points for me (if it’s true, that is). This morning I started learning more about Mr. T, who, though a childhood hero, I’ve never really considered beyond his work in one of the best shows ever beamed to your TV.

Things I didn’t know about Mr. T:

-He got his hairstyle from a National Geographic article on the Mandinka warrior.

-All those crazy gold chains he wore were worth about $300,000. Sometimes he slept in them.

-Some jerk at a news conference asked him if he was as dumb as his “A-Team” character, and he said, “It takes a smart guy to play dumb.”

-He stopped wearing all that gold after Hurricane Katrina.

-He once brought a kid out of a coma.

-He also did a commercial for one of those places that does payday loans and title loans, which is jenky. You’ve probably seen it.

-Here’s more stuff about Mr. T, in case you want to keep thinking about him (I do!).

Anyway, maybe you already knew all this, but what the hell. A salute to Mr. T!