The Mayor’s To Do List

Photo lovingly stolen from Peter St. Cyr.[link]
Photo lovingly stolen from Peter St. Cyr.


This list fell out of one of the candidate’s pockets - I’m not saying which pocket.

1) Get Mad

2) Get Even

3) Sneaky Pete

4) Razzle Dazzle

5) Flim Flam

6) Kiss a Bunny on the Nose

7) Blend Truth

8) Memo: Person Wish Never Born

9) See Person in Hell

10) Stand Before You, Our Great City, Crossroads

11) Beans: musical fruit

12) Skip in circle like little girl

13) Crumble Cookie

14) Stop Buck

15) Get Beak Wet: Taste

16) Build City, Rock n’ Roll

17) Pull Finger

18) Fib

19) Warrior Poet

20) Hand in Cookie Jar