Local Blogosphere Roundup: Anti-parenting, water in the desert, Baca vlogs

Sunday-Morning-Coming-Down Edition

The camera loves his face.

Tracy Dingmann reveals the anti-parenting culture she encountered during her stint at the Albuquerque Journal. Harsh.

Water in the desert is a strange and wonderful thing.

Jim Baca vlogs today. I find it hard to believe this guy was once a newscaster.

Did you know yesterday was Pomegranate Cocktail Saturday?

Parkin’ & Ridin’ to the Balloon Fiesta = crowded, late.

Quote from NM Liberty: “[H]asn’t Rush voluntarily been stifling the ‘rest of the story’ for years and setting a bad precedent for what a true conservative … needs to act like?” (Psst, he’s not a conservative! He’s an entertainer!)