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The Daily Word 10.28.09: San Fran's Bridge Is Falling Down, and Why We Should Pray For No Earthquakes

The Daily Word

Out of the five NMSU presidential finalists named, two resigned from previous posts due to "alleged special favors to the politically connected."

If an earthquake hits LANL, the effects could be deadly. Luckily, earthquakes in the Los Alamos area only come about about once every few thousand years.

Are 1 in 12 truck drivers infected with Hepatitis C?

Gary Johnson for President?

More than 90 people were killed by a car bomb in Pakistan, hours after U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's plane touched down.

Two pilots lose their licenses after getting so caught up in conversation and laptop use that they overshot their destination by 150 miles.

Not to leave a corner of the market unturned, Google announces new GPS navigation app.

San Francisco's Bay Bridge closes after part of it falls off.

Water use along the Middle Rio Grande (that's us) is still unsustainable.

If you need help with your heater, call (505) 265-8514.

Perks given to White House donors.


The Daily Word: Pay Raises in City Hall, President Cum Motivational Speaker and ... It’s Raining

The Daily Word

Why are City Hall staffers getting giant pay raises before Mayor Chavez leaves office?

George W. Bush is going to be a motivational speaker. Ha!

Google partners with major music labels to promote sampling and buying tunes online.

People in Albuquerque are still really excited it’s raining. If you’re one of those people, here’s a map that will tell you how much it’s rained in your neighborhood (“My estimated rainfall is bigger than your estimated rainfall.”)

APS contemplates healthier nutrition guidelines.

Gov. Richardson is getting called out by state legislators for his political appointments.

One of the chimps at the zoo died.

A man in Boston was arrested for terrorism charges.

Barnes & Noble launches its own e-reader. Does anyone buy these things? Do you buy these things?

Pulitzer Prize-winning, former LA Times journalist Jack Nelson dies at 80.

Why it’s never a good idea to have an affair with a crazy person.

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Shut Up, Girlfriends From the Past

It’s Music Tuesday, Flight of the Conchords Edition. My top three songs (I think) from their newest season:

1) “Carol Brown / Girlfriends From the Past”

2) “Sugar Lumps”

3) “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor” (Does it mean something that two of my top three are about men’s tackle?)

And here’s another one, just because.

“Same Girl”


The Daily Word 10.14.09: Blackberries, Berry and White(s)

The Daily Word

Never trust your Blackberry. It will only land you in jail.

Berry replaced by Jim White, retired Air Force officer.

The governor’s race begins.

What did Rio Rancho have to do with 18 tons of trash?

Jaycee Dugard, kidnapped for 18 years, speaks out.

Locksley’s 10-day suspension

Berry starts naming his City Hall picks—including Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White.

Abortion rates are down worldwide, but more than 70,000 women die every year from unsafe abortions.

Oh, surprise. The Pakistani Taliban doesn’t like Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.


The Daily Word 10.07.09: Your New Mayor, Saturn's New Ring, Tainted Meat

The Daily Word

R.J. Berry is your new mayor. You can find other final results and anything else you could possibly want to know in our blog below.

A man’s 15-year journey to return a lost Bible to its owner. Now that’s conviction.

Former state advisor pleads guilty.

A new agreement to protect wolves is signed, this one giving money to ranchers who lose cattle eaten by wolves.

Is Obama about to change his plan for Afghanistan?

Amazon lowers the price for Kindle. It’s still $259, and $279 for an “international” version. Are you any more likely to buy one?

Saturn has a new ring.

Should you be scared to eat hamburger?

Does a cross on a federal park violate the Constitution?


Berry's Next Step

After giving his victory speech, Berry said he wanted to "roll up his sleeves" and get to work. He's meeting Mayor Chavez tomorrow for lunch, and one of his first items of business is to sit down with councilors.

He restated the same things he said during his campaign: Crime is his first priority, and he's interested in hearing APD's ideas about how to address it. He wants to trim some fat from the city's budget.

Berry is the first Republican mayor the city has had for a couple decades. After tonight, the Council is going to lean Republican, too. But Berry says he's interested in working with everyone and just "doing what's best for the city."

Berry is the only candidate to publicly say he doesn't support gay marriage. When asked if he'd like to tell the gay citizens of Albuquerque something to ease their concerns, he said "Albuquerque is a great city, filled with great people. I want to be a good mayor to everyone." He did say during his campaign that he had no plans to change the domestic partnership benefits given to city employees.

The room has mainly emptied out, with more people cleaning up wires and cups than waving signs, but the excitement of Berry's supporters lingers.


"Hey, We Did It"

Berry's giving his victory speech. He thanked the mayor for his years of service, and Romero for his attitude during the campaign. He's stressing working across borders in the Council.

"Thank you for this great honor."

That's it. Meet your new mayor.


Berry Takes the Stage

He's going to take the stage. This has to be it. The crowd's going crazy.


Berry: "Haven't Pulled It Off Yet"

Berry still isn't saying anything conclusive. He says he wants to win all precincts first. So even though Chavez left his party, and Berry is staying strong in the numbers, nothing is official.


Berry Gives a Small Speech

I was expecting a victory speech, but Berry just thanked everyone for their support thus far, said it looked good so far. We've got nothing official yet, but we do have 123 out of 186 precincts reporting, with Berry at 42 percent to Chavez' 35.