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Alibi Picks

Halfsies at the Bio Park this weekend!

Ah, the joys of the BioPark. Cuddly animals, scary critters, fuzzy plants, cool flowers, squishy fishies, massive sharks. The sights, sounds and smells of the Zoo, the Aquarium and the Botanic Gardens are enough to keep one busy for days. And what better way to fill your senses without emptying your pocket than at the July Half-Price Weekend? Oh yeah, that's right, admission to all three world-class parks is just $4.50 for adults, $2.25 for seniors and $2 for kiddos on July 20 and 21 for New Mexico residents. Discounted tickets can be purchased from any BioPark cashier from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. both days. And don't forget to stop by the Dragonfly Festival at the Botanic Gardens from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to learn about this interesting, ancient insect and hang out by the U.S.'s first Dragonfly Sanctuary Pond. ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden • Saturday and Sunday • Jul 20-21 • 9 am-5 pm

Alibi Picks

De-fense, De-fense!

Smart Girl Self Defense

Women's self-defense is a huge market. From pepper spray to whistles to purses that conceal snub-nosed pistols, the industry's got you covered with tools to keep you safe. But sometimes the best tool is the one that won't rust or fail when you need it most: your own instinct. The folks at Wink's Gym invite all women 14-and-up to join their "Smart Girl Self Defense" class tomorrow. World-renowned martial arts coach Mike Winkeljohn and his wife Heather teach this class designed to help participants learn practical self-defense, not based on physical strength, but rather the power of listening to your gut. There will be fun activities including a raffle with prizes and the chance to meet and talk with a local detective. The cost is $100 per person or $80 person with a group of 4 or more, so grab a few friends and get to defending. Wink's Gym • Sat Jul 13 • 9 am-3 pm • $80-$100 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar


With a Tsiou Tsiou Here and a Wan Wan There

Animal noises from across the globe

Did you know that in Finland, cats don’t purr, they “hrr”? Or that in Japan, a pig says “boo boo”? The somewhat-arbitrary sounds we assign to animals in English are far from universal. British Vimeo user properniceinnit has compiled an interesting and, possibly handy, video featuring how different languages interpret animal sounds.

The video portrays the noises of dogs, cats, cows, chickens and pigs in English, Mandarin, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Hindi, Canadian-French, Romanian, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Bengali, Brazilian-Portuguese, Colombian-Spanish, Swahili and Mongolian. For a more extensive list of animal calls across the planet, check out The University of Adelaide’s Animal Sounds Database.

Method of Throwing a Cow - on the Paloduro Ranch, Paloduro, Tx
B.L. Singley via Wikimedia Commons

Alibi Picks

Cowboy Up: Western Day at Old Town Plaza

Celebrate America, New Mexico and the Old West tomorrow at Western Day at Albuquerque's famous Old Town. Meander through your favorite shops, browse book booths manned by The Western Writers of America and enjoy tasty barbecue, live music and kids' activities in the plaza. Jim Jones, a finalist for WMA Songwriter of the Year in 2012, will entertain with musical stories of cattle wranglers and railroads, and the High Desert Dancers will put on an interactive show. B.G. Burr, Sheriff of the Central New Mexico Corral will offer a fun and educational presentation on the territorial/cowboy era in New Mexico. Get some DIY inspiration from blacksmith and leather-working demonstrations and bring home a special trinket from one of the many special-item tables that will be set up by Old Town's most popular shops. So grab your favorite pair of boots, cinch up your bolo tie, bring your BBQ bibs and mosey on down for an afternoon of old-timey fun. Old Town Plaza • Sat Jul 6 • Noon-5:30 pm • free • View on Alibi calendar

GIF me a break

Using Public Transportation in Albuquerque

What you think you look like running across UNM to catch the Blue Line:

What you really look like:

What you do when you think you see someone you know get on the stop after you:

What that super drunk guy on the 66 does when he thinks he knows you:

What happens when you remember that you actually drove to work/school/downtown this morning:

Mickey Samuni-Blank



I’m extinct! Just kidding, no I’m not!

The Hula painted frog is rediscovered

The Hula painted frog, a somewhat-silly-looking speckled amphibian, was thought to have died off long ago. This already elusive creature was declared extinct in 1996, about 40 years after its swampy home, Israel's Hula valley, was drained in the 50s. But in 2011, one female frog was spotted lurking in the muck by a park ranger, and since then, 13 more have been discovered.

These “living fossils” are not the first animals to have been declared extinct and then re-found years later. They join the ranks with the woolly flying squirrel, the pygmy tarsier, Caspian horses and, of course, the illustrious coelacanth.

Alibi Picks

In Memoriam: 145th Memorial Day Remembrance

Memorial Day, originally called "Decoration Day," was proclaimed an official holiday on May 5, 1868 by Army General John Logan. On this day, the flag of the United States is kept at half-mass until noon in remembrance of those who have lost their lives in service of our country, and then raised back to full-staff for the remainder of the day as an inspiration to the living to continue to fight for liberty and justice. The flags on the historic Old Town Plaza in Albuquerque have observed this tradition for 145 years and will fly proudly once again this year. Join the City of Albuquerque Cultural Services Department today for a special day of remembrance. The flag ceremony will begin at noon and will be followed by special dance performances from local groups. Professional dance company Ballet en Fuego will take the stage at 6 p.m. and Grammy nominee Micky Cruz will perform at 7 p.m. Old Town Plaza • Fri May 24 • 'Til 9 pm • FREE • View on Alibi calendar

Film & TV

Arrested Development Running Jokes Supercut

The Bluths just can’t let things go

As many of you might know, the very-long-awaited 4th installment of Arrested Development is set to release via Netflix this Sunday, May 26. As a latecomer to this cult classic (I’m just finishing season 3), I’ll admit a great deal of excitement at having 13 new episodes with which to stuff my Buster-loving brain.

In honor of this glorious event, and to whet your appetite for everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family, I present to you 8 solid minutes of recurring in-jokes, catch phrases and chicken dances.

Do enjoy.

Bagpipes, dancing, kilts and beyond. All things wonderful and beautiful and Celtic come together this weekend for the 25th Annual Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival. This year's celebration serves honorably as the location for the 13th Annual Masters World Championship for Highland games. Events include stone, weight and hammer throws, caber and sheaf tosses and other traditional feats of strength. There will also be Men's Pro Division rugby, a Celtic Sevens Rugby Tournament and youth rugby games. For those whose interests bear slightly on the less-violent side, music, dancing, shopping, food and drink will abound throughout the park, as well as celtic dog, pony and horse shows, herding demonstrations and an antique car show. Kids' activities include knight fights, pony rides, a mini caber toss and more. Don't miss this chance to celebrate all seven Celtic nations packed into two days of fun. One-day admission ranges from $7-$15 with two-day admission discounts available. Balloon Fiesta Park • Sat May 18 • 9 am-5 pm • $7-$20 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar

Alibi Picks

Sniff Sniff Bang Bang: Introduction to Essential Oils

Most people know that essential oils are a natural way to make your hair smell pretty and your bathroom smell, well, not too bad. Did you also know high quality essential oils can be used to aid ailments ranging from headaches to sore muscles to bug bites? Join Kay Herrington of Body in Balance this tonight at Loma Colorado Library for an Introduction to Essential Oils. Kay is a natural living specialist who uses essential oils in her personal life as well as for massage and doula practices. In this class, you will learn the history and origin of essential oils, how they are distilled and processed, and from which plants they are derived. The class is free and no registration is required. Loma Colorado Public Library, Rio Rancho • Mon May 13 • 6 pm • FREE • View on Alibi calendar