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Pride Goeth Before a Slam: OUTSpoken Queer Poetry Slam Championship

Tomorrow, follow a parade of swirling colors under the golden apple of the sun and you may stumble on one of the Albuquerque Pride festival’s best kept secrets. The OUTSpoken queer poetry slam is the only one of its kind in the nation. Here, amid myriad sights and inspiring educational events celebrating the LGBTQ spectrum, the OUTSpoken slam championship holds the voice of the queer community aloft, uncensored and necessary. Curated by Erin Northern and sponsored by Pride, the slam packs venues around town once every three months, promoting outreach to and safe spaces for the community. Past winners of the quarterly events compete this Saturday, May 31, for the title of 4th annual OUTSpoken Champion. The verbal pyrotechnics take place in the Indian Arts Gallery at the Expo New Mexico Fairgrounds (300 San Pedro NE). Starting at noon with an open mic for all, the event features a showcase of local poetry icons, followed by the Championship slam at 2pm. Listen. That sound? Their stories, their own words. Expo New Mexico • Sat May 31 • Noon • Included with Pridefest admission • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar