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Understanding Raindancer

Pleasant Valley Prison


This is a new segment running in the aliBLOG. I'll feature someone from my past. Then offer an odd perspective surrounding the experience. This is an informal and interactive therapeutic writing lesson so please participate with whatever thought you may have. They may be germane or off topic. Peace - diXie

Understanding Raindancer

I first met Raindancer Dickey O'Brien in Cedar Crest New Mexico in 1990 or 1991. He was a bright kid. He had fiery orange hair, freckles and an extremely high I.Q. I remember
introducing my parents to Raindancer. We took him to
an old town restaurant called Maria Teresa's for a Thanksgiving dinner. He did not really like being there.

He had anger outbursts, poor peer relations, low self image and was very depressed. He came from the Taos area where
he had been reportedly abused. He spent a few months in Children's Psychiatric Hospital and then went to live in a group home in Cedar Crest NM.
Here is what the Lassen County Times and the California Courts report
Emotional Jury Sends Raindancer Dickey-O'Brien to Life in Prison
Posted on Monday, January 20 @ 09:50:32 PST
By Tiffiney Wood
Staff Writer Lassen County News

Raindancer Dickey-O'Brien will spend the rest of his life in prison for murdering Mark "Jerry" Levitoff of Westwood, a jury decided Jan. 16, after a day and a half of deliberation.

Dickey-O'Brien showed no response as the verdict was read, which said he was sane at the time of the crime and knew what he was doing as he robbed and killed Levitoff two years ago.

The victim's sister let out an audible sigh as she leaned into her husband, tears sliding down her cheeks.

Four jurors hung their heads and suppressed sobs as the clerk read their verdict, which will send Dickey-O'Brien to prison for life without the possibility of parole.

When the trial began Dec. 3, Kaufman told the jury it could consider evidence attesting to O'Brien's mental stability before, during and after the crime to determine his mental state at the time of the crime. He clarified that being mentally ill or mentally abnormal does not necessarily constitute being insane at the time of the crime.

A defendant is considered legally insane if he or she was incapable of: (1) knowing the nature and quality of act; (2) understanding the nature and quality of act; and (3) distinguishing between right and wrong at the time of the crime.

Deputy District Attorney James Reichle, said he was relieved that his last case in Plumas County was over, expressed sensitivity for the jurors. After sitting through four weeks of testimony, which outlined Dickey-O'Brien's history of mental illness and his abusive childhood, the jurors were asked to seal his fate.

"It was the choice from hell," sympathized Reichle, "and they deserve a lot of credit. Based on the evidence that was presented, they did the right thing. Now the family (of the victim) can walk away."

Though not the most difficult case he has successfully prosecuted, Reichle admitted that this case was probably the most emotional case he has tried.

"The human part of me wishes there were some other options, but the law says there isn't."

Reichle explained the jury had to choose between locking Dickey-O'Brien up or sending him to an institution for treatment, where he could be released after as little as two years.

Defense attorney Janet Hilde, who was seen hugging an emotional juror in the lobby, declined to comment on the verdict. Judge Ira Kaufman gave Hilde until Feb. 10 to file any motions contesting the trial or verdict. Formal sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 13.

Mark "Jerry" Levitoff was a 26-year employee of the U.S. Forest Service at the time of his death. Defense attorney Tom Klute said both the defense and the prosecution agreed that Levitoff "was a good person." He was killed near his favorite Lake Almanor fishing spot on Jan. 22, 2000.
---------- end of Lassen County Times report by Tiffiney Wood ------------------

Here is how Raindancer describes Raindancer
on a web-page called Cellpals

Raindancer Dickey O'Brien

Rain - Dickey O'Brien # T 79076
Pleasant Valley State Prison
PO Box 8501
Coalinga, CA 93210

Fun, financially independent genius looking for stimulating relationship with smart, sassy female. Offering joy, laughter, excitement, brilliance, abundance, wisdom, love, more. WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR MONEY-EVER.

6'3", 200 lbs., great shape, college-educated Mensa member, published, award-winning author. Incredible sense of humor, sensitive, compassionate, honest. No history of violence, no sex crimes. In prison for death of Good Samaritan. Deep knowledge of philosophy, politics, business, engineering, science. Great with kids. Love dogs, cats more. Into mountain biking, rock climbing, camping, fly fishing, travel, computers. Always was "life of the party", amazing outlook on life with deep insight. Writer of upbeat, uplifting letters--never complain about "how bad it is". Love classical music, jazz, relaxing new age. Well read, subscribe to many publications. Inventor of seventeen different products, first currently being patented by prestigious patent law firm. Author of soon - to - be published resource guide--world's largest. Former business owner. Very lonely due to death of parents, siblings don't write, can't relate to other inmates. No hang-ups, no baggage, I know how to treat a lady --love people, love life. Wise well beyond my years, with the exuberance and vitality my youth brings. Love women of all ages. I can get contact visits and make daily phone calls. Drop me a line if you want some light in your life--I shine brilliantly.

Anticipated release date: NONE

Birth Date: September 5, 1978


This story is quite sad. When I notice the way Raindancer
appraises himself within the context of his prison sentence it sort of makes sense. In your formative years, if all you experienced was abuse,neglect, violence and chaos. Then the result will no doubt be low self image, interpersonal difficulties, depression, aggression and social pathology.

His fantasies about his past accomplishments and his false claims regarding his exceptional personality are attempts to overpower all the dysfunction, crime and sadness that have characterized his young life.

Though it is sad and tragic that an innocent park ranger was murdered. It is nice to know that otherwise Raindancer feels OK with himself and is ready to offer someone ..... correspondence


Serenata Radio - Crane. Safe. Tank.

Serenata Radio - Crane. Safe. Tank.

I made a fake crane by fastening a rusty hook to a baseball bat. Then I visited a construction job site and asked the workers how things were going with their industrial crane meanwhile pointing to my home-made crane, gesturing confidently, as if my crappy home-made crane was legitimate like their powerful construction crane.

Why ?

Because our dreams are just as significant as any. My crane symbolizes our dreams, delusions & abilities. Their Crane symbolizes the Powerful People and Forces in our WORLD.

Similarly, The safe motif conveys a social critique of placing trust in corrupt financial institutions & the tank metaphor is a Plea for Peace, an indictment on WAR and the State capitalizing on chaos & Violence.

The overall intent of the video was to mock the war profiteers, the captains of industry and to simultaneously empower the little dreamers

This Crane. That Safe. Their Tank

This crane is beyond belief
it picks up these pieces and
Places them Out of Reach
Now are Cranes they'Re not the Same
this doesnt mean that Mine is Lame
Yours' Creeks

That Safe is TEETERING
from 10 stories Higher and due to a Fire and Heat
the Safe is speeding thru the air
Before it Harms a Human Springs....

why are they following me, I can not lead
why are they firing at me, cuz of all of these things, yes all of these things

Their Tank
Rolls on Chattering Teeth
instead of some tires with millions of wires, theyRe mean
Inside the tank they fight for Air
Meanwhile outside the fights not fair
it's a bad machine...


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The Scary Steak & Chic Cafe

the 333 tales of diXie DeeR

One day I went inside a trendy cafe.
The service was bad but the decor was
ultra-stylish and modern.

From my seat in the dining room I could see the cooks.
They reminded me of indieROCKERS because of their
edgey appearance, their creative body art, jewelry, hair coloring and
extroverted personalities. They looked like Henry Rollins did 20 years ago.
The interior design of the cafe positioned the Cooks towards the front of the house.

It was like the cooks
were on a stage and the patrons in the dining room
were in the audience. The music
playing inside the Cafe also had that indieRock feel.

The art on the wall
was hung by industrial looking fasteners. The cafe had
that minimal looking architectural aesthetic that was popular
2 years ago, you know, concrete floors, metal fixtures, granite counter tops,
and metallicModern stools that had that forged by welders look.

I ordered a steak sandwich. The attractive server with purple hair
asked me "How do you want it cooked...We recommend medium rare"

I replied " I take my steak SCARY"
She said "you mean Bloody Rare?"
I argued "No, I said Scary...I Take my Steak Scary "

Then I continued, "Please just ask the cook to do what he usually does, that's what I
mean by SCARY"

MariSol R. Little

Michael Jackson related Media

Michael Jackson - HERO. Congressman Peter King - Babbling Buffoon

Woe to YOU Peter King. Trying to leverage hatred the day before the funeral

The day before the Michael Jackson funeral,MSNBC's "Hardball" ran a segment
showing New York Congressman Peter King trying to
win favor with his constituents by making inflammatory comments like calling Michael Jackson "a pedophile" amongst other tacky and racist remarks.

Pat Buchanan was asked to react and I'm pleased that Mr. Buchanan was critical of CongressmanKing. He did not think
Peter King acted appropriately. Furthermore, Mr. Buchanan
quoted the late Senator Thomas Hart Benton on the subject of criticizing the deceased,
"When God Almighty lays his hand upon a man ... I take mine off, "

dixieDeer's take

We live in a society where so many people are disconnected from wealth, power, & prestige. This is especially true with African Americans.

Like Jackie Robinson, Michael Jackson courageously crashed through the color line. He crashed through so splendidly & given the fact that his formative years were filled with chaos & abuse, the MJ story is one of history's GREATEST underdog legends and he is a hero to millions.

When you combine his astonishing musical talent and billboard success with the aforementioned sociological forces, it is no matter of mystery that this is a huge media event. The negative personality traits
of Jackson also fuel the overall publicity.

Pat Buchanan, a pundit for the right, is correct to correct the conduct of this right wing King Congressman, who is absolutely WRONG.

It is super lame and weak to try to use this
unfortunate event to win political favor. King should be ashamed and run out of office. It is predicted by this blogger that Peter King's vulgar publicity stunt will backFireBigTime .

Like many Kings before him, this King shall soon fall.....


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to read more on Senator Thomas Hart Benton


I stand Accused in the Q's Acequias

Dating on the Cheap

Approximately in the year of Way back before you were Even Born we did things on the cheap and Weird. We were creative and didn't rely on Disney or HollyWood to entertain us....

We didn't have iPhones or
SUVs or Google or YouTube or DVDs. We didn't really date or "hook up" but we courted one another.

This is a story about one of my most wonderful dates. I convinced this quirky arts and crafts/hippy gal in my social studies class to go riding with me in a home made gondola meandering around the acequias near Rio Grande and Ranchitos. In our picnic basket I packed some cheddar cheese, wheat thins and some Syrah from Luna County New Mexico. It was a beautiful spring day on March 27, 1982...

The BiTingBugs were out and she got bit and complained about the HowLinG wind and rural smell. The hand Made gondola [of pallets & styrofoam and aluminum lawn chair ] worked for about 5 minutes then failed and we scrambled in muddy water and managed to save about half of the wine but we lost the food to the Snail-slow current of the North Valley irrigation ditch.

The key to this CreaTive CanoeRide was not the embarrassing & unfortunate mishaps along the way but the run -upHype building up the Outing and the embellished stories FloWinG afterwords. Since I didn't have a car nor much money it was important to get the biggest splash out of this event as I was trying to establish a reputation for being Fun and Weird[but a good kind of weird, not like the AxeWielding kind of weird]

So always around the time of SxSW and blossoming purple Lilacs and the new Sneezes of Spring I remember the mad look on her face. Her tears smearing the North Valley dirt on her pretty face pouting while she justifiably cried "You are such an assHole" ....and now this is all a distant & pleasant memory of how things used to be better than they are today. Much better...

NOTE- the failure of the Raft was not preMeditated. It had worked splendidly in 2 test sessions preceding the March 27 launch. I had to move around a lot when I was young. I couldn't endure the social pressure that was self inflicted.

the Diamond Ring and the Ten Cent piece of Shrimp

One day around the year 1992 the Weekly Alibi was just getting started
and the balcony of MonteVista Fire station just opened up.

I was dating this LadyLobo golfer and I had a great friend who was a jeweler and a few others that were firemen. I was becoming a bad boyfriend because I spent too much time golfing, drinking, gambling, and rockin Out and not very much time being a good boyfriend.

I arranged to borrow an expensive diamond ring from my friend the Jeweler. I asked my girlfriend up to the Monte Vista balcony for some Monte Vista Fire Station 10 cent peel and eat happy hour specials.

I showed her the Gorgeous engagement ring and asked her for her hand in marriage. I knew she would say NO, like I said, we had been fighting a lot due to my neglect and selfishness.

So when she said "NO" I screamed for all on the balcony to hear, "If we can't be together forever then I would rather DIE ... Goodbye Cruel World" I got up from the table and jumped over the edge. The balcony was about 3 stories high !!!!

But I had pre-Arranged to have a few friends like Brad Whittaker, Randy Gardenhire, Brian Sapp & Trevor Uselman below holding a safety net. They were college friends who had access to one of those fire-safety blanket/cushion/net devices. We all then ran to a van which whisked us away, chuckling the entire time as though we were funnier than JACKASS.

This is a true story. Ask the people at Monte Vista Fire Station.

Blindfolds & Diamonds

The Chair of Trust

Teetering Precisely Upon the Iron Plank

this happened Last Night.
It was my Birthday Party.
The Host rented me a special Room in a private place
within the Hotel where we could Party all Loud and Wildly.

in the Back of the Hotel it was Dark.
in the Front of the Hotel it was well Lit for
All the Public to Behold. My special Room
was on the 7th the back...

The Host asked me my Weight.
I guessed I weighed around 170 lbs.
The Host smiled and quickly unPacked
170 lbs of weights, little Iron Plates in
10lb and 20 lb sizes.

The Host kept smiling and said How special tonight
would Be. "You get to enjoy the Chair of Trust, I Trust
you told me your correct weight" He shoved the Ironing board out the Window and Forced me to sit on the end
sticking out, hovering over the Alley Below...

He placed the weights on the inside and said "Lets see
How much you really weigh"

I pleaded that I may weigh a bit more and he said "Shhhhhh, its OK!!!! I always build
in a 10% margin of error" and he quickly un -packed more iron plates in 1 pound sizes and we reached a perfect
NonTeetering equilibrium at precisely 177 lbs... Luckily there was No Wind !

He asked me to put on a MakeShift blind fold. It was an elastic sweat band that athletes wear, He told me to position the Nike Swoosh over my Nose.

He told me that my friends would be joining the birthday party soon and they were required to wear blind folds and that they had 15 minutes to rapidly rummage through the room to look for expensive & precious items that were placed by a Rich Man who was looking to Promote his new line of Diamonds. The guests were also told that this "spectacular" event would be filmed as part of a innovative TV PROMO and that the Diamonds were FREE in exchange for the guests taking part in the TV PROMO....but This was just the kick-off activity planned along with other ZaNy party Games including Nude Twister, Pin the Tail on the ASS, and Strippers Jumping out of a 7-story Cake !

It was predicted that since the Guests were blindfolded and that since there would be a Greedy Inspired,Frenzied Free-For -all that one of them would knock over the 177 Iron Stack and that I would fall to my death from the Chair of Trust...

- to be continued...


Play with Me

VentriloQuism TricKeRy

This is Fun.
Pretend you are a Ventriloquist.
Invent an imiginary Setting
and then Invent the inflammatory
statement Made by the puppet
--- --- --- --- --- ---
the Ventriloquist walks up to a policeman who is eating
breakfast at Garcia's Kitchen.
The Ventriloquist makes the puppet say to the policeman,
"Hey is it TRUE that if I give you a Grand Slam Blow Job That You
Won't arrest Me for Smoking Dope?? Well then, Drop your drawers
Mr. copper cuz Im rollin me a fatty doobie doo.Hee Hee HEE HeuuuuuuW"
--- submit your own silly scenario or I'll be forced to delete this
silly BLOG


the Worshipping People

Gowns, Chalices, Wafers & Hymns

The WorshippinG People Wear Gowns
Surrounded by Spirits & Nouns...
a chalice, some Wafers ...a Bell
The Worshipping People Fear Hell

The Worshipping People they Meet
each week their knees next to their FEET
the Worshipping People they Pray
to some pieces of plastic and Hay