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Biking with Friends
R. Chavez

Biking Burque with Cruiser Crush

The city is crawling with bicycles …and it’s fabulous!

News from Burque’s biking community
Prism Bitch
Photography by Corey Yazzie

Prism Bitch Destroys Sister

Regional rockers from Boise and Santa also kill it

Alibi music correspondent Adam Wood returns for a summer of music!

Tonight! Weekly Alibi’s District 1 Dem Forum, March 15

Join us in the political process!

Tonight, Thursday, March 15, is the date of Weekly Alibi’s own Democratic Congressional Forum.

In the first Congressional District, the race to replace Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham is heating up. Seven Democrats are vying for the party nomination (the primary election is slated for Tuesday, June 5) while a lone Libertarian and a rare Republican wait in the wings to do battle come the November 6, 2018 general election.

And it will be an important contest, you can be sure: with the chaos in Trump’s administration continuing to grow and distort governance in this land, this election will be an important opportunity for progressives to set the course straight and steer our nation toward safety and progress.

Join us at the Albuquerque Press club on Thursday, March 15 from 6-8pm for a friendly forum featuring Democratic contenders Pat Davis, John Flores, Debra Haaland, Jesse Heitner, Damian Lara, Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, Damon Martinez and Paul Moya.

It’ll be fun, informative and ultimately intended to help drive out the darkness, so be there with forward momentum on your mind!

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Our Princess is in Another Castle

​As some of you might have heard, due to fundamental and immediate change at our previous venue, Alibi Fetish Events will not be hosting our wonderful friends, playmates, voyeurs and​ explorers on Nov. 4. Don't fear though, we'll be back and full fetishistic glory early next year.

Still want to go out on the town that first Saturday of November? There are some events happening that just might soothe the pain. Joe Anderson and our very own Master K.Oss are taking the Sunshine Theater to a delightfully dark place with bands​ En Esch, Wiccid and headliner Lords of Acid. This promises to be a night of decadent beats, great drinks and a show like you haven't seen. Tickets are available now, and it's going to be a night to remember. Check out the website for tickets. Our friends the Albuquerque Leather Daddies are producing a contest with Sidewinders Cabaret Theater with celebrity guests from the kink world! Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt is joining us from California to sip Martinis and serve as judge for the New Mexico Leather Bear and cub Contest! There will be events on the evening of Friday, Nov. 3 and much of Saturday, Nov. 4 celebrating the greater Leather community. Catch the full stage show at 8pm on Saturday. For details check out the new website.

Event Horizon

This week in being earnest, everything Earth Day, math parties, the last dance at Low Spirits and more.

Things to do April 20-26.

The Daily Word in Ax Murderers, Baby Makers and Russia

The Daily Word

Pregnant people—are they a baby machine or person? The way their bodies are regulated, you'd think they're a commodity.

You thought losing your online privacy was bad? Well, surprise, advertisers are coming at you every way they can now.

Look who's finally feelin' the Bern!

Russia has “warned” the US not to interfere (bomb) with Syria again.

Potential ax-murderer Andrew Poteet Magill charged after killing and nearly beheading Ruidoso-area resident Mary Ann Moorhouse.

You know there's proper etiquette of conversations over meals … for example, you know how you talk about acts of war over desert?

Republicans almost lost a congressional race in Kan.


The Daily Word in Russian gulags for gays, and the 40th anniversary of Jonestown

The Daily Word

UNM hired a new basketball coach.

The annual pilgrimage to Chimayo is coming right up.

Some dude's been asking to see teenager's feet ....

A policeman in Nigeria is forcefully cutting off the hair of women as punishment.

It is the fortieth anniversary of the Jonestown massacre.

Russians are reportedly rounding up gays and condemning them to time in gulags.

Hey, check out these super-nifty shirts and stuff from the '70s.