48 Hours

Thursday night: Stayed up until 6 a.m. writing, killed a black widow (sad) after I saw it kill a cockroach (cool) (see post below), watched half of Jurassic Park and, I’m almost positive, ate some chocolate.

Friday: Went to work on not enough sleep (problem solved by more chocolate), jammed out hardcore to Janis Joplin in the car, drank some tea with milk and honey with a friend (she said she likes ducks because they always sound like they’re laughing—I told her she should use that line in a short story, because she likes to write them), went to the Martini Grille and had a) a Jade martini (good, but my sweet tooth prefers the Nuts and Berries), b) waffle fries with various dipping accoutrements and c) the largest salad of my life. Seriously, it was huge. Ended the night with some more Janis Joplin-cruising on the way to the video store and a late-night viewing of Memoirs of a Geisha. Went to bed way too late.

Saturday: Woke up embarrassingly late (due to lateness of the last two nights), paid my rent (in accordance with the “late” theme I seem to be experiencing), paid a special visit to Seventh Goddess, went to Trader Joe’s for mochi balls and pistachios, worked in a little more Janis jamming (I’m on a kick), spent three hours transcribing an interview, knocked back a couple green tea mochi balls and finished the rest of my gigantic salad.

Tonight, the sky was a really intense shade of blue before it set at about 8:06 p.m.

I could see fireworks from Isotopes Stadium.

I just heard tomorrow’s newspaper slam against my front door. It made me jump.

I’m itching to plant some flowers in my courtyard. I’m thinking sunflowers.

Blogged early Easter morning. Tomorrow (today) I will go on an Easter egg hunt and will likely have potato salad, pancakes and more chocolate.