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Remembering Gus

Gus Blaisdell Collected book release reception


If less than 1 percent of the people Gus Blaisdell (1935-2003) was acquainted with attend today's 3 o'clock book release reception, the crowd will spill into the street. Many folks knew him as the owner of the Living Batch bookstore, a local institution he operated from 1976 until its closing in 1996. Others knew him as a top-notch professor of film studies at UNM. During one class he might be visited by the motor-mouthed spirit of Robin Williams, delivering his lecture as if performing a stand-up routine, while in his next class, students might find themselves the object of his withering, silent stare for the majority of the period. Gus was also a poet, a philosopher and a critic. The works Gus Blaisdell Collected (UNM Press) were selected by William Peterson and coedited by daughter Nicole Blaisdell Ivey. The book contains essays on film, writing and art, as well as letters and a timeline of his life. Gus also had a lot of famous friends, and though Book Stop owner Jerry Lane doesn't expect Ferlinghetti to show up, you never know. The Book Stop · 3-5 pm · FREE · ALL-AGES!