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Wanagi Wolf Fund and Rescue Meet-and-Greet


The Wanagi Wolf Fund and Rescue, named after the late beloved pet of founder Stephanie Kaylan, is dedicated to stopping the breeding of wolves and mixed-breed wolf-dogs as pets. Wolf-dogs tend to have wild dispositions and are often surrendered to shelters where they are labeled as "exotic animals" and given an automatic death sentence. The foundation seeks to find loving homes for animals that have been rescued from these situations and to educate the community about the dangers of wolf-breeding. Tomorrow at noon, the Wanagi team invites you to meet Hokshila the wolf and his sidekick Bindi the wolf-dog. Kaylan will discuss the behaviors of wolves and how learning more about them can even help us understand our own dogs. Take a photo with Hockshila and Bindi and shop for a commemorative postcard or ornament to bring back for a fellow wolf-loving friend. Boofy’s Best for Pets · Noon-5 pm · FREE · ALL-AGES!