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Stacked in Your Favor

Teeny Tiny Super Stacked Show

Sarah Kennedy and Sarah Mowrey of Broad Humor
Bruce Wong

Founded in 2011, Broad Humor is a Burque comedy duo comprised of funny girls Sarah Kennedy and Sarah Mowrey. The pair packs a lot of tools into their laughter arsenal—from stand-up, improv and sketch comedy to knock-knock jokes and puns. (Seriously, who doesn't love a good knock-knock joke?) Their current specialty, however, is the production and presentation of weekly live shows at The Box Performance Space and Improv Theatre. Tonight's chuckle fest is billed as the "Teeny Tiny Super Stacked Show," 15 comic performers jam-packed into one 75-minute bonanza. Six bucks gets you in the door (only 40 cents per comic!), and The Box validates parking for up to two hours. The Box Performance Space and Improv Theatre • Sat Nov 24 • 10:30 pm • $6 • View on Alibi calendar