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Here Comes the Slam



Putting Levi the Poet on a stage is like trying to put a rock concert inside a confessional. Fortunately, Revolutions International Theater Festival is hosting Levi the Poet in a movie theater. Which is fitting for this one night only performance, because watching Levi is also akin to watching moving pictures. A current inhabitant of ‘Burque, Levi has evangelized the word of poetry across the country. With infectious energy, skillful writing, and an intimidating amount of vulnerability, Levi embarks on a mission to remind his audience that they are alive, one poem at a time. With pieces fresh off of his new album, Seasons, Levi will showcase his work at the Guild Theater during the zenith of the 13th Annual Revolutions International Theater Festival. With Tricklock Company bringing in world class acts from Denmark, Poland, Italy, and beyond, it is significant that Levi gets to represent “ye old red ‘n green.” Think you’ve seen the likes of Levi the Poet at your neighborhood poetry reading? I suggest you check out his latest “cine-poem” Resentment at his website … and then go promptly reserve your tickets before this one sells out. Guild Cinema • Wed Jan 30 • 8 pm • $10 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar