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Master of Space & Time

While away an evening with rock and roll renaissance man Leon Russell this weekend. Russell will pound out his gloriously melodic, raucous and sometimes plaintive sounds at The Dirty Bourbon Dance Hall & Saloon (9800 Montgomery NE) tomorrow night. Don’t let the fact that this show is way up in the Heights discourage you from coming out to see and hear one of America’s legendary musicians. Russell has performed and recorded with just about everyone who is anyone in the music biz—from Bob Dylan to Elton John. A prolific songwriter and pianist, Oklahoman Russell is noted for his eclectic approach to rock and roll, saying, “I like all kinds of music, and I hate to do the same thing all the time.” Leon’s repertoire is as danceable as it gets, and The Dirty Bourbon has a killer dance floor to boogie the night away. Tickets are 28 clams in advance and $33 on day of show. This 21-plus gig revs up at 7:30pm. Dirty Bourbon • Sun Jan 26 • 7:30pm • $28-$33 • View on Alibi calendar