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Keep Your Ears Kosher: Matisyahu at Sunshine

Grab your yarmulke, rasta dread knit or simply a buddy to witness the “Gift of God.” That's right, folks. Matisyahu will bid shalom to Sunshine Theater (120 Central SW) tomorrow night on his Built to Survive Tour with Radical Something and Cisco. You may know this performer from his Top 40 hit “King Without a Crown” or the popular “One Day” with Akon, but if you don't already know: It's no shtick. As a reggae, rock, beatboxing and hip-hop artist, Matisyahu sets himself apart from the crowd by including Orthodox Jewish themes in his music. His sound is chilled-out electro reggae with beautiful lyrics that range from religious to poetic.

In “Akeda,” the title song off his fifth (and newest) studio album, he refers to one of the central stories in Judaism and Christianity, crying “Avraham, Avraham/ Take your son/ Take your blade/ Take your rope.” But in “Surrender,” he mixes the spiritual with the poetic, intoning, “Could I move like a prince?/ Slay the dragons in my way?/ I'll be dancing in the wilderness til my dying day/ I'll be dancing on the grave of the brave I have slayed.” This all-ages gig runs from 7 to 11pm, and tickets are $30. It's sure to be chaval al hazman! Sunshine Theater • Wed Oct 29 • 7pm • $30 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar