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Dancin' the Night Away: Maple Street's Open House

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Whether you're a fan of the pirouette or the paradiddle, there are enough dance studios around town that'll give you the proper know-how when it comes to mastering a particular style, from ballroom to ballet to interpretive to … you get the idea. But what's better than a dance school having an anniversary celebration? That way, you get some lively commingling, and you can also check out the space to see if it suits your get-down needs. That's why Maple Street Dance Space (3215 Central NE) is having a 10th Anniversary “Giving Thanks” Open House and Celebration tomorrow night from 7 to 10pm.

This festive event is a chance for folks to enjoy some refreshments, meet teachers and students from the local dance community, learn about classes and more. But rather than dance performances, organizers have put more emphasis on the “Open House” approach. “It's more of an interchange and exchange of information, rather than performances," said Romy Keegan, Maple Street's director and owner. "But people do get the chance to meet instructors and view dances on videos in the studio to see what we do.” So get all dolled up and head to Nob Hill for this lovely learning shindig. Oh, and did we mention it's free? Maple Street Dance Space • Sat Nov 22 • 7-10pm • FREE • View on Alibi calendar