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Ain't No Boots 'n Cats Rapper: Common at Sunshine

Multitalented Chi-Town rapper Common rolls into town tomorrow night to deliver the rhymes you've been craving. Common hits Sunshine Theater (120 Central SW) up on his Nobody's Smiling tour, where the Grammy-winning hip-hop artist will rep his 10th studio album. These new jams harken back to his roots with a gritty street sound and a running theme of hustlin' the hard life in the Windy City. In that vein “Rewind That” serves as a shout-out to friend and producer No I.D. and a touching memorial to deceased fellow rapper J Dilla.

Other tracks to look out for are “Speak My Piece,” with its badass industrial sound, gospel tune “Kingdom” and independent ladies anthem “Hustle Harder.” Common shows off his poetic skills in “Blak Majik,” rapping, “Go hard like pyramid stones/ Stand the test of time cross the burning sands/ With aggressive rhymes, I'm blessed to rhyme/ I invest in time/ Like Superman, stick out my chest and shine.” And he never forgets the town that made him; “Real” salutes the 'hood with "I rap fo' niggas in the barber shops and broads that's hot/ I run the town/ I'm a fuckin' juggernaut/ This shit is real." The beat starts at 7pm for this all-ages show also featuring Jay Electronica and Fly Union. Tickets will run you 35 Washingtons. Sunshine Theater • Fri Nov 28 • 7pm • $35 • ALL-AGES! • View on Alibi calendar