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Old World Frame of Mind: Tango in Venice Public Reception

Donatella Davanzo

Donatella Davanzo’s photos of Italians dancing Argentine tango in Venetian piazze artfully contrast the fluid movement of this New World dance and the rigid context of an Old World backdrop. She forms her subjects from an anthropological perspective that makes her Tango in Venice photographic series a true study in people’s use of space. On Jan. 24 and 25, Casa Rondeña Winery (733 Chavez NW) opens up their 1629 Club for a public exhibition of some of these dynamic images, which Davanzo captured by shadowing tango couples in the basilica porticos and public squares where they regularly gathered to dance.

Venice, some homegrown vino and the rustic setting of Casa Rondeña’s vineyard promise to get guests into an Old World frame of mind, a suitably provincial way to prep for the impending Italian culture rush headed to town with the eighth annual New Mexico Italian Film & Culture Festival in February. As she did in a similar pre-festival exhibit last year, Davanzo, the festival’s official photog for the second year running, will donate a portion of her sales to the University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital, and she’ll greet guests personally on Jan. 24 at 2pm. Casa Rondeña Winery, Los Ranchos • Sat Jan 24 • 2pm • FREE • View on Alibi calendar