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From Flaccid To Fantastic!

The definition of the word flaccid reads: “(Of or part of the body) soft or hanging loosely or limply, especially so as to look or feel unpleasant.” Well, no one wants to feel unpleasant, so if that's something you've been struggling with (at least in the genital region), you might want to book a spot in the “From Flaccid to Fantastic!” workshop at Self Serve Toys (3904B Central SE) tomorrow at 7:30pm. The class will cover common causes of erectile dysfunction, as well as “emotional, psychological, spiritual” and “just plain physical impairments that can keep one from enjoying a fully erect penis.”

But they won't be discussing just the causes; they'll also focus on ways to combat said triggers so that your member can be one happy camper, especially with Valentine's Day just around the corner. They'll talk about various treatments, including dietary suggestions, daily exercises, supplements and more. Tickets range from $16 (early bird sign-up) to $22 (standard). So if you want to whet your willy, so to speak, this would be the place to guide you there. Call 265-5815 for more info. Self Serve • Thu Jan 29 • 7:30-9pm • $16-$22 • View on Alibi calendar