Alibi Picks

Barreling Toward Fun at Fun-A-Day

Jazmyn Crosby

A strange planet diorama complete with cosmic seaweed and fluorescent space mountains. A crochet mobile. A daily surveillance project. The mixed-media documentation of one artist’s slow descent into madness. These conceptual artworks comprise a smattering of the experimental pieces that fledgling artist collective GRAFT plans to show at its inaugural exhibit. Last year 20 cities hosted Fun-A-Day, initially started by an arts group in Philadelphia, in which participants create a new project, or work on the same one, every day for the month of January.

Organizers at GRAFT say it’s a great way to kick off the new year by encouraging people to try something new, especially those who don’t consider themselves artists—an aim in line with their mission to make art accessible. Reviving the Barelas space that once housed the Donkey Gallery and The Tan, where Fun-A-Day showed in recent years under different patronage, GRAFT hosts the grand opening of its new gallery (1415 Fourth Street SW) tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 6) at 6pm with this non-juried exhibit. With at least 20 participants signed up, the exponential range of submissions promises to offer a curatorial barrel of fun for everyone. GRAFT • Fri Feb 6 • 6-10pm • FREE • View on Alibi calendar