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Lionhead Bunny residency

Spirit Abuse (1103 Fourth Street NW)—a venue known for an overriding concern with avant-garde and experimental music traditions—presents a special residency project called “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Bunny: A Month of Lionhead Bunny” during the month of March. Organized by Spirit Abuse curator/owner Raven Chacon, the series of concerts features work by Jessica Billey and Bud Melvin’s titular Lionhead Bunny. Special guests in forthcoming weeks include performances by Ipytor Gavyen Machislav tomorrow and TAHNZZ on Saturday, March 7.

Machislav is a guitarist whose work spans both the experimental music and jazz experience while simultaneously building on and deconstructing both genres, while TAHNZZ (Tahnee Udero) writes, produces and performs a brand of noise that is as complex musically as it is distractingly discordant and chaotic.

Performances later in the month will feature Alchemical Burn/Enemy Tone and Eric Ortega. All these opening acts add support to a demonstration of the power and evocative sense of otherness generated by host musician-experimentalists Billey and Melvin. Tickets for each of these provocative performances cost $5, start at 9:30pm and can be obtained by contacting the fine folks at Spirit Abuse at their website or at the door, if you're both lucky and last-minute. Spirit Abuse • Fri Mar 6 • 9:30pm • $5 • View on Alibi calendar