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Max Out on Corners

Imagine the best of early '80s post-punk and synth-pop embodied by four present-day dudes from El Lay—and you've got Corners. Mock the impossibly skinny jeans worn by members of this Echo Park-based foursome if you must; but do so silently so you don't miss any of their live show. Corners bring their equally catchy and punishing sound to Launchpad (618 Central SW) on Monday, March 23. Corners frontman and guitarist Tracy Bryant isn't as spastic is Ian Curtis was, but Bryant's woebegone, darker-than-thou stage presence—coupled with his cherubic visage—provides an interesting visual backdrop for the band's driving, melodic post-punk assault. Watch the music video for “Love Letters” to see what I mean.

Local opening acts at this gig include “gross-pop” duo Constant Harmony, psych-rock foursome Sun Dog and noisy new wave crew Lindy Vision. Doors to this 21-plus concert swing wide at 8pm, and the jangle commences at 9:30pm. Presale tickets are $7, or admission is $8 at the door. And yes, feel free to wear your sunglasses at night. Launchpad • Mon Mar 23 • 9:30pm • $7-$8 • View on Alibi calendar