Odd Woman In: Sara Century's one-woman musical AQUARIUM

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Odd Woman In: Sara Century's one-woman musical AQUARIUM

Trying to describe the work of Sara Century is like painting a portrait of adverbs; you can skirt around a central idea, but you’re really just taking swipes at the intangible. What I can safely tell you is that the queer-identified Gatas y Vatas musician, artist and self-described proof “that you can be high on both life and weed at the same time” brings her original, 85-minute, one-woman musical AQUARIUM to The Tannex (1417 Fourth Street SW, thetannex.com) on Saturday, May 16.

“There's definitely a plot” in this humorous “musical play focusing on feelings of detachment, solitude and loss,” she tells me, “but it changes every night. I wrote a script long enough that I could move scenes around, change the songs and end it differently depending on my mood.” Which means you have a chance to see an AQUARIUM that’s never existed before and never will again. With an aesthetic informed by everything from feminism to art-house cinema, Century says, “I just play myself” in the stripped-down traveling show.

"Aquarium Song"

“We're showing a couple of my short films to open the night … otherwise I'm just funny, and it'll be arty, weird and cool.” Bring seven bucks, and show up early, because the fun starts at 8pm, and Tannex latecomers doom themselves to public embarrassment. Tannex • Sat May 16 • 8-10pm • $7 • 21+ • View on Alibi calendar