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A Saint's Fiesta: San Felipe de Neri Fiestas

It's time to head to the oldest part of our fair burg and partake in a little fiesta. Well, not so little. It's the San Felipe de Neri Fiestas! One of Albuquerque's oldest celebrations, the event features anything for anyone, whether you like food (funnel cakes!), kids activities (rides!) or even browsing around Old Town for some jewelry. But what can you count on more than anything else? The live entertainment, of course.

Chuy Martinez, an event supervisor for the city's Cultural Services Department, says this is the biggest year in terms of live music. “I'm very impressed with this year's fiesta,” Martinez said. “It just shows you how much the musicians really believe in collaborating with the community.” Featured performers include Black Pearl, Severo, Gonzalo, Rhythm Divine and much more.

The fiesta happens in the Old Town plaza (303 Romero NW) from Friday, June 5, to Sunday, June 7; it kicks off with an opening ceremony at 6pm on Friday, and pretty much goes all day Saturday and Sunday. Oh, and it's free. And like I always say: If it's free, it's me! For more info, head to Historic Old Town • Fri Jun 5 • Free • View on Alibi calendar