What's Lavender Got to Do with It?

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What's Lavender Got to Do with It?

Lavender & Garlic in the Village Festival

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Garlic makes everything shitty about this sometimes insensitive, destructive and dark world we live in just a little bit brighter and more tolerable. Fired from your job? Eat some garlic bread. Getting a divorce? Extra garlic on your pizza. Hate your kids? Garlic butter on everything. But garlic isn't just for binge eating and junk food. Apparently, it can be used in a variety of healthy dishes and hosts properties that could even help your ailing body by treating nasty things like the common cold, flu, low blood sugar and high blood pressure.

You know what else kicks ass? Lavender. Lavender smells fucking wonderful, looks gentle and beautiful, and is also used medicinally and spiritually. Norwegian folklore encourages you to put lavender in your pillow case at night if you've been experiencing nightmares. Versatile and aromatic, lavender is the sexy partner to garlic's genius, and the Los Ranchos Growers' Market (6718 Rio Grande NW) knows how to get down with both. This weekend they will host the annual Garlic and Lavender Festival on Saturday, July 11, from 7am to 1pm. In previous years the festival has been a huge success, and offers informational booths, classes, face painting and, of course, lavender and garlic. For more info go to losranchosnm.gov/lavender-festival. Los Ranchos Village Hall, Los Ranchos • Sat Jul 11 • 7am-1pm • FREE • View on Alibi calendar