Functional Ways to Draw Inspiration

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Functional Ways to Draw Inspiration

Writing the Visual Workshop

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Writer's block has led many to drink uncontrollably, travel the country without adequate preparation, live off the grid in woodsy shacks and make poor decisions that ultimately inspire visions that later turn into published works. But who wants to hitchhike to Washington while nursing a bottle of Old Thompson when you can banish your lack of inspiration and entice all your feelings by looking at photographs? Seems a lot safer, you guys.

Writer and creative writing, composition and film studies teacher Michael Backus will be heading a four-week-long workshop at 516 ARTS (516 Central SW) that teaches writers how to draw inspiration from photography. What really makes the workshop sound like a genuinely inspiring experience is that Backus will incorporate students' personal photographs in his curriculum so you're not just staring at some stranger's picture. The workshop begins Saturday, July 18, from 9am to noon, and will continue meeting every Saturday at 9am until Aug. 8. The event requires that you first register and pay the one-time registration fee of $100. To pre-register or to get more information about this workshop and others, visit 516 ARTS • Sat Jul 18 • 9am-noon • $100, registration required • View on Alibi calendar